Hexa Connection / Hexa Community (HC) is a Libyan nonprofit organization, concerned with technological development, aiming to help build and develop the society using technology. HC was established on Wednesday 23rd October 2013, based in Tripoli and registered under No.2149 at the Libyan Civil Society Commission.

Our Vision and Mission

A progressive society contributes in building and advancing technology, by localizing and integrating technology solutions with local culture.

Principals and Values

Team-work, respect and tolerance of others, taking initiative, and love for creativity and innovation.

Our Objectives

The organization’s general objectives lie in contributing in supporting and developing the following:

Knowledge and entrepreneurial economy. Education and innovation.

Humanitarian work. Governance and civic engagement.

Our Policy

Our policies lie in working with minimal resources while ensuring sustainability and continuity, investing results in the long term, while working in parallel on being a smart and environmentally-friendly organization, targeting all segments of the society equally.