The economy is an important topic in Libya. With the emergence of the recent economic crisis, public awareness has increased of how fragile the situation is, and of the need to change it towards less dependency on oil revenue. Since HC’s establishment, and due to its goals to develop the society; therefore, entrepreneurship has been a cornerstone within the organizations objectives, and so it launched the ‘Economical Entrepreneurship Program’ (EEP), aiming to encourage and contribute in creating a more innovative economy. HC’s EEP includes several diverse economic and entrepreneurial projects, aiming to contribute in supporting and assisting entrepreneurs by providing them with tools and necessary technical assistance, which the organization acquired during years of work in this field, in addition to other programs that serve as a link between prospective employers and job seekers in order to monitor market trends. Additionally, the EEP focuses largely on supporting and helping minorities, empowering them to open new horizons utilizing all human resources to support the national economy.

Developing an environment for entrepreneurship and reaching a multi-resource local economy based on entrepreneurship and knowledge economy.

GEW Tripoli 2019

Hexa Connection’s first time organizing this event during the global entrepreneurship. GEW was open to all those interested in entrepreneurship and the local entrepreneurial ecosystem to foster dialogue around entrepreneurship in Libya, the different obstacles facing entrepreneurs and ways to overcome them and the venues of funding for sustainable projects…

Wosoul Project for PWD

Wosoul is a project to empower people with disabilities and help them take advantage of various technologies, including a mobile application developed by Hexa to show them the places with access to the disabled. Several sessions were carried out by mentors who support and believe in equal learning rights to…

Libya Invest Project

Invest Libya, in collaboration with Mercy Corps, was a project aimed at launching micro-technology projects in Libya through educating and helping innovators to initiate and run their projects.

Project 24 – 2018

A 24-hour of trainings aims to motivate young men and women to create an environment of creative thinking and problem solving through a series of training workshops in collaboration with Mercy Corps Libya and UNHCR LIBYA.

LYED 2017

The project aims to develop the entrepreneurial skills of young and young people with ideas and desires to develop their skills through a variety of training programs that will enhance confidence and provide them with the necessary foundations for implementing, managing and marketing them. And the Canadian Embassy in Libya.

LWED 2017

Clips from the activities of the third and final part of the Libyan Women Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Training in Tripoli on Saturday 11 and 12 February 2017. The project aims to develop the entrepreneurial skills of young women with ideas and passion to develop their skills through a variety of training…

Hexa Forum 2016

Some snapshots of the HEXA Forum held from 27 to 29 November 2016 at the Kabbazi Theater, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tripoli, hosted several leading companies from the public and private sectors that use technology as a key element in their work to discuss the requirements of the technological…