To celebrate Arduino, one of the best technologies invented. Hexa organized this event in Tripoli to introduce the technology, its applications to the general public, as well as create a learning environment for participants through a mini-training and a gallery of projects. It mainly targeted students, educators, and specialists.

three main activities defined this event:

First was a mini-seminar where topics on Arduino were presented by a speaker, followed by a discussion session afterward.

The second was an exhibition of projects, which was an opportunity for students and hobbyists to present their Arduino-related projects, to create an atmosphere of communication between them to help inspire each other with their unique ideas, and encourage the participants to implement their own.

Lastly was the learning activity ‘Show and Tell’ where a training space had been provided to experts in Arduino, to introduce the technology and the fundamentals of its programming and use, to teach those interested how to write Arduino code and control the electronic circuits.