With this partnership, “Hexa” and “RNW”, declare their intention to cooperate in the future and establish a fruitful relationship from which both parties can benefit from the experience and specific networks each possess, in the field of media, research, and training related to young women empowerment.

– Both organizations may mutually benefit from various services, the eventual participation and / or support in on-line and off -line activities, capacity building training and/or technical support. Both parties agree that any content or activity must be approved prior to its publication and/or implementation by the other party.

– Both organizations launched a mutual survey on digital security, providing training on digital security for Huna Libya team and change makers, and designing an intervention based on the survey results.

-“Huna Libya” will support “Hexa” in their media strategy, by providing capacity building on online campaigning and social media reach out for their media officers.

This project was sponsored by RNW and implemented by Hexa Connection in collaboration with the platform Huna Libya.

In addition to our cooperation in other areas, Hexa Connection launched this social media campaign on cyber security.

Both organizations launched a cyber security campaign built around a common survey on digital security with aim of designing an intervention based on the outcomes of the survey.

Our cyber security expertise made it possible to formulate an effective survey while Huna Libya’s data analysis expertise enabled us to arrive at the key issues to tackle by drawing on more than 3000 responses to the survey.

In light of our findings from the survey we put together a toolkit addressing essential cyber security needs. We also made a point of creating content aiming to raise awareness of the main problems and security threats in the form of videos and flyers.

Given the disproportionate cyber threats faced by women, we paid special attention to their security and taking a nuanced approach to these challenges.